​​​SANDRA HEATH​     


   Owner/Colorist/Tier IV Stylist

   Experience: 34 years

   Loves to make people happy about

   how they look, spending time with

   family and simple pleasures.​


   Salon Educator/Colorist/Tier III Stylist

   Experience: 13 years

   She's a little edgy and loves to try new

   colors. Loves to make her clients smile.

   Loves being a mom and quiet

   times at home with family.


   Experience: 5 years

   ​Tier II Stylist/Nail Technician

   She's a jack of all trades in the salon.

​   She loves to make you beautiful from

   your head to your toes. Enjoys spending

   time ​with family, her hubs, Mitchell

   ​and their fur babies Maple and Elvis.


    Experience: 5 years

​   Tier II Stylist/Nail Tech/Waxing


​   She loves to see her clients happy. She

   enjoys all cuts but especially men's

   and kids.​ She also enjoys doing

    pedicures and waxing.​ Loves to spend

   time with her family, boyfriend and

   best friend Benny( her fur​ baby) .  


   Experience:  15 years

   Tier III Stylist/Colorist
   She loves everything about being a

   stylist! She has a passion for her job

   and enjoys the beauty of making

   people happy and being creative.

   She enjoys being with her family, going

   to the movies with her her son, Dominic and

   walks with her animals.


  Judy Driscoll

​    Tier II Esthetician/Skincare Specialist

​   She absolutely loves skincare. She loves

   to help you feel more beautiful and

   educate you how on how to take care

   of your skin.​ She enjoys her family and



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