​​HC Salon 114

Meet our Team of Professionals

salon & day spa                                                                              

   ​​​SANDRA HEATH​     


   Owner/Colorist/Tier IV Stylist

   Experience: 34 years

   Loves to make people happy about

   how they look, spending time with

   family and simple pleasures.​


   Salon Educator/Colorist/Tier III Stylist

   Experience: 13 years

   She's a little edgy and loves to try new

   colors. Loves to make her clients smile.

   Loves being a mom and quiet

   times at home with family.


   Experience: 3 years

   ​Tier II Stylist/Nail Technician

   She's a jack of all trades in the salon.

​   She loves to make you beautiful from

   your head to your toes. Enjoys spending

   time ​with family, her hubs, Mitchell

   ​and their fur babies Maple and Elvis.


    Experience: 3 years

​   Tier II Stylist/Nail Tech/Waxing


​   She loves to see her clients happy. She

   enjoys all cuts but especially men's

   and kids.​ She also enjoys doing

    pedicures and waxing.​ Loves to spend

   time with her family, boyfriend and

   best friend Benny( her fur​ baby) .  


   Experience:  17 years

   Tier III Stylist/Colorist
   She loves everything about being a

   stylist! She has a passion for her job

   and enjoys the beauty of making

   people happy.

   She enjoys being with her family,

   hubs to be, Josh and her two beautiful

   kids, Ruby and Graham.


​    Tier I Esthetician/Makeup Artist

​   She absolutely loves skincare. She loves

   to help you feel more beautiful and

   educate you how on how to take care

   of your skin.​ She enjoys her family and

   friends but there's​ nothing like being

   with her son.